Children's Tomorrow Foundation Presents

Ensemble, a musical playground for children

In an interactive play space, children make music with the play equipment. By sharing it, they are encouraged to cooperate and collaborate with each other to create music that is imaginative and creative.

Our Mission

Children's Tomorrow Foundation was founded to build better futures for children. We are focused on education and promoting the arts and culture to a diversity of children.

Ensemble is one of our projects, inspired by the integral experience of using the mind and body in synchronicity to make music. Studies have shown that learning and making music results in a smarter brain, and during the developmental years, children can greatly benefit from the learning experience. Ensemble sets to create an interactive environment where children can meet together and communicate, cooperate, and make music together while playing outside in the fresh air.

en·sem·ble | noun
What does it mean? A. a group producing a single effect as concerted music of two or more parts B. the musicians engaged in the performance of a musical ensemble


We strive for the most sustainable practices when designing, choosing materials, and constructing the play space to leave the least impact on the Earth. The play equipment choice of material is wood and recycled materials and water based solutions for painted surfaces.

As a public playground that attacts children of all backgrounds and ages, Ensemble will be a place of gathering to meet new people and make friends.

Learning to make music combines the integral experience of the mind and body in synchronicity, making the brain smarter. During the developmental years, children can greatly benefit from the learning experience.

The interactive environment invites the children to be creative and imaginative. By being engaged in physical activity that can produce music, Ensemble will nurture an exciting interest in music.

Since the playground will be shared by children of all ages and backgrounds, they will be encouraged to cooperate with one another to collaborate in making music, strengthening their ability to communicate and work well with others.

Playgrounds employ a great variety of physical activities. While the environments provide exercise, Ensemble introduces the addition of mental exercise through making music in the outdoors where there is fresh air.


First Stop: Central Park in New York City

We are aiming to build playgrounds in major cities across the globe, starting with New York City where most children live in apartments or other spaces that do not provide adequate space to run wild and play. The city is also one of the top metropolitan cities that attracts a great diversity of people coming from different cultures and backgrounds.

Central Park is currently our tentative location for our first Ensemble playground.

What's Next?

The Fun Theory

"[The Fun Theory] is dedicated to the thought that something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better. Be it for yourself, for the environment, or for something entirely different, the only thing that matters is that it’s change for the better."
An Initiative by Volkswagen

Have fun By infusing the whimsical and explorative theme of music into an interactive environment, we believe that children will have much more fun, and family time will take on a new meaning when it comes to the public playground.

Find out more at www.thefuntheory.com.