Commonly Used Block Elements:

Contact information.
Long ("block") quotation.
Document division.
Input form.
Defines a multiline input control (text area).
<h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5>, <h6>
Heading levels 1-6.
Horizontal rule (dividing line).
Defines an inline frame.
Preformatted text.
Defines a row in a table.
Table cell.
Defines a header cell in a table.
Table footer.
Ordered list.
Unordered list.
List item.
Definition list.
Defines a term (an item) in a definition list.
Definition description.
HTML5 - Section or page header.
HTML5 - Groups header information.
HTML5 - Section of a web page.
HTML5 - Article content.
HTML5 - Aside content.
HTML5 - Groups media content with a caption.
HTML5 - Figure caption.
HTML5 - Section or page footer.
HTML5 - Audio player.
HTML5 - Video player.
HTML5 - Drawing canvas.

Commonly Used Inline Elements:

Defines emphasized text.
Defines important text.
Defines subscripted text.
Defines superscripted text.
Defines a part of text in an alternate voice or mood.
Defines bold text.
**elemets that you should never use**
big, small, tt, strike, acronym
Defines a hyperlink.
HTML5 - Defines a date/time
Defines a single line break.
Defines an image.
Defines a section in a document.
Defines a client-side script.
Defines a clickable button.
Defines an input control.
Defines a label for an input element.
Defines a drop-down list.
Defines an abbreviation.
Defines a short quotation.
Defines the title of a work.
Defines a definition term.
Defines keyboard input.
Defines sample output from a computer program.
Defines a piece of computer code.
Defines a variable.