Interactive Design Workflow

1. Project Definition (Information Gathering and Research)

The first step in developing any website is to define the scope and the purpose of the project. Without a clear understanding of the misson, goals, users, limitations, competitions, and objectives, the project will drift or continue past an appropriate endpoint. Careful researching and planning are the keys to success in building websites.

2. Site Structure (Planning / Information Architecture)

Using the information gathered from phase one, it is time to put together a structure for your website. This is an important step in designing the interaction and interface without the distraction of visual elements.

3. Visual Design

Based on the information gathered up to this point, it’s time to determine the look and feel of your site. Target audience, company image system, and messages are the key factors that should be taken into consideration.

4. Site Development

The developmental stage is the point where the website itself is created. At this time, web developers and programmers will take all of the individual graphic elements from the prototype and use them to create the actual, functional site.

5. Debug, Test, and Refine

6. Launch, Marketing, and Maintenance